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Esports, or high-level competitive gaming, is at the center of today’s digital media and content. With more than 400 Million Esports enthusiasts worldwide and events reaching tens of millions in viewership and revenues, from legal to marketing to consumer goods and anything in between, Esports is a must-be space for any company.

We manage global clients and projects for Esports, Gaming, Streaming, and Sport-tech. Specializing in the Esports and Video Gaming industry, including streaming, broadcast, marketing, and events. Providing complete A-to-Z service including planning, strategy, execution, and reporting for one-time and ongoing projects.

In order to Enter the industry with the highest chances of success, strategic knowledge is required. We provide that. The process that a company has to go through on the way to success is not just about investing time and money, it’s about carefully analysing, planning, and executing opportunities.

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Do we need Suits in Esports?

As Esports grows as an ecosystem and an industry, more and more associations and federations are formed on national, regional, and international levels. What are their roles in Esports? Are they a contributing factor or an obscuring one?

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