The Esports Experts panel explores the unique position of Esports in 2020 with special focus on the COVID-19 Era.

Panel Participants:

  • Ralf Reichert, CEO – ESL Gaming
  • Ido Brosh, Director of Global Programs – IESF
  • Remer Rietkerk, Head of Esports – Newzoo
  • Serhat Bekdemir – Collegiate Esports League

This content was part of GEES20 (Global Esports Executive Summit 2020) from November 29th – 30th, 2020.

GEES20 is the global Esports executive conference with audiences and speakers from Esports and sports stakeholders, global brands, government officials, and other key decision-makers from all over the world. Hosted by the International Esports Federation, GEES20 is the 5th annual edition of the conference.

(Originally aired and taken from IESF’s YouTube Channel)